Located in the central highlands of Costa Rica. Visiting Poas Volcano is a popular day trip for travelers staying in the country’s capital due to its location, just 1.5 hours from San José.

There are two crater lakes at Poas Volcano, the northern lake is known as the Laguna Caliente (“hot lagoon”). One of the world’s most acidic lakes. The bottom of this lake is covered with a layer of liquid sulphur. The second crater lake is an inactive crater called The Botos Lake, located in southern part this is a cold and clear lake.

When doing this journey you can find coffee and flower farms, many of which line areas of the park. Best time to visit Poas Volcano is during the morning hours. Weekends are usually crowded and clouds normally roll in around mid-afternoon, making it difficult to enjoy the scenery. On a clear day, however, it’s possible to see both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts from the summit, as well as its gurgling, steaming crater.

This volcano rises up to 8,885 ft (2,708 m), Poas remains one of Costa Rica’s largest volcanoes. The crater is almost a mile in diameter (1.6 km).


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