San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica as well as home to “SJO” Int’l Airport where most of the countries tourists arrive due to the number of carriers servicing that route as well as convenience of local connecting flights for final destinations.

As far as a city for sight seeing, it’s not NYC, Granada Nicaragua, or Paris France. It lacks a central area full of culture and sights per se but that’s not to say if you decide to spend a night there you can’t move around and make it interesting.

Regarding your arriving/departing flights, it’s advised to arrive as early as possible and when heading home to depart as late as possible so you can have the best options for rates and flights as well as to maximize your time with us on the beach. Some arriving/departing flights at SJO are at such an hour it’s not possible to connect using Sansa or Nature Airlines, these are the countries 2 local air service providers. In these situations you have several options ranging from a VIP Private Charter Service for $460 one way for up to 4 passengers, $675 for a larger craft capable of holding 6 passengers, to a Private Shuttle Ground Transfer for $280 one way, a helicoper from SJO directly to our property, approximately $1,840 one way and up, ask for a current rate quote, and finally, if you are feeling like taking the adventure into your own hands, you can always rent a car in San Jose and drive to our resort, here’s that link, Driving to Santa Teresa.

If you decide to spend the night we are happy to assist you with a few recommendations and links as well.

Right next to San Jose Airport are several hotels we recommend, Hampton Inn, part of Hilton Hotel, rates are $120 per night and up, breakfast included.  We also recommend a Tico style local hotel called Hotel Mango, less then 5 minutes from the airport as well, rates for a double are $97 and breakfast is included.


Just a little further down the road is the Marriott Hotel, set on a beautiful piece of Costa Rica land, offering all the usual amenities of Marriott Hotel with suites starting about $200 per night and up.  This is a perfect compliment to staying in one of our beachfront villas, especially if this is a special occasion.


A new Marriott Courtyard has also recently opened offering very nice rooms for great rates, $79-$89 and up making a nights stay that much more pleasant and affordable.

And finally, not far away, nestled in the hills overlooking the San Joe valley, we also recommend a small Hacienda Hotel known as Hotel Canal Grande, owned by a local Italian family, offering stunning views, sunsets and gardens in a charming setting with just 10 rooms available, a great and very inexpensive restaurant offering fine dining Italian food serving local fresh catch, pasta’s and salads, the nightly rate for a double with breakfast is approximately $80 pp.

We can suggest others as well, feel free to ask. If at all possible it’s always best to continue on with your travels and get to the beach.  Most vacations are never long enough to enjoy all we have to offer in Santa Teresa so it’s a shame to lose a day in the city if you can avoid it.



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