Almost totally surrounded by water, two coastlines rich in habitat, Costa Rica is a snorkels/scuba divers dream come true. The Coco’s Islands are 200 miles NW of Costa Rica and offer a chance to swim with the largest schools of Hammerhead sharks, sometimes more then 200 seen by the naked eye.

Even if you’re not up for such an adventure, both coastlines are covered with nooks, crannies, reefs, tidepools and coves worthy of your attention.

If you love swimming in more or less friendly waters, (all oceans have their moments and should be respected as a powerful forces when they are experiencing a large storm or ground swell) but other then that, a cool head, water experience, a good pair of fins and a mask and you have all you need for a non stop adventure.

Sea turtles, reef sharks, tropical fish, dolphins, octopus, eels, you name it, there are no shortage of “critters” to stumble upon on a snorkel excursion.

There are lots of tours offered but for the experienced snorkeler, one or two tours in an area are not enough.  The coastline is so amazing and opportunities so abundant, if you like snorkeling, you’re advised, bring your own gear and be ready for non stop opportunities.

There are several guide books and information centers online where you can find lots of reliable info about best spots and times to go out.  Always talk with local divers and fishermen to gain valuable advice and insights whenever possible before going out.  Never scuba or snorkel alone, always go with a buddy and if you have one, bring a water camera to capture and take back the memories.

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