In Santa Teresa you’ll find a mix of beach hotels and resorts, restaurants, shops, and private houses, as well as miles of often deserted beach, and easy access to some nice jungle and National Parks but what makes this town so special?

Santa Teresa has been attracting tourists since the 1970s and many of them had decided to stay and make this home. Maybe this is one of the highlights of this community, which has brought together different nationalities, ideologies, cultures to become a small community.

So in addition to meet incredible natural richness you can also enjoy its rich cultural diversity; international cuisine as Argentinian, Israeli, Italian, French, amazing dishes prepared with the most incredible organic ingredients and more but of course without losing the tica essence. Here you can find lots of sodas (typical small restaurants in Costa Rica); usually family owned business where you can enjoy fresh sea products which are usually the result of the day’s catch.

Another particularity of Santa Teresa is its love for life, nature and healthy activities. Yoga retreats, pilates, surf, hiking are popular activities here. As its tropical beauty, lush jungle, ocean breeze, waves sound and exotic environment surrounds you relaxation seems to be just a natural state while staying in Santa Teresa.

Night life is also possible in Santa Teresa, this includes events at the art galleries, full moon parties, bon fires on the beach, movie nights and plenty of live-music at many restaurants and bars.

The Art and Soul Gallery is a space to show the works of these many talented artists who live in the community.  They also exhibit Costa Rican artists from around the country as well as international artists. The works vary from sculpture, to painting, and photography. The exhibits are changed regularly and may showcase a specific artist, theme, or art form. There are special shows planned for the future which will include children’s art from the local schools, poetry readings, and cinematography.  Their intention is celebrate life in Santa Teresa as a varied group of local families, surfers and tourists who can come together and experience art.

You can also find many surf shops, gift shops and souvenir stores, where you can find homemade craft, paintings and much more from local artists.

As you can see there is something to do for everyone. Enjoy horseback riding tours, sport fishing, guided tours into the dry tropical forests, waterfall hiking, zip lining, snorkeling, scuba diving, yoga, surf, art, etc.  Santa Teresa´s laid back attitude makes this area an ideal place for rest and relaxation and fun in the sun as well as adventure seeking tourists.

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