Place a NO Obligation HOLD

We are happy to place a No Obligation 48 HOLD on any available accommodation while you check flights and make travel arrangements.

Simply request it in writing or call to place the HOLD.

After 48 hours, if you don’t ask for the HOLD to be extended it will automatically go back on the calendar as available.

Red Palm Villas Reservation and Cancellation Policy;

For our December Holiday Season, we reserve with full Deposit and have a 100% non refundable cancellation fee. We may waive the entire 100% Deposit fee and accept a 50% initial Deposit upon our own discretion, if we do, Balance will be due 90 days prior to your Arrival.

Special Rate reservations require a 100% Non Refundable Deposit to Reserve.

Rent the Entire Resort for an event – 50% Deposit required, Balances are due 90 days prior to Arrival.

All other reservations require a 50% Deposit to reserve, Balances are due on or before arrival date.

ANY Reservation canceled, deposit’s will be forfeited.

Payments Accepted;

We only accept PayPal as a credit card option, there is a 4% processing fee added. If you decide to pay with PayPal let us know first so we can prepare a payment prompt and send it to your email address from our PayPal account.

We do not accept checks, sorry, only Bank Wire Transfers or PayPal and Cash only to settle Balances before Departure.

If you decide to make a Bank Wire Transfer we will supply you with our banking information.

There is a $25 Wire Fee if you decide to make a Bank Wire Transfer.