This grand-scale festival and its events are attracting more and more visitors every year so if you happen to visit Costa Rica during these dates, it’s a great opportunity for a nice traditional memory of Costa Rica culture.

The “Palmares Fiestas” is one of the most anticipated celebrations in Costa Rica; it is celebrated every year beginning on January 13 and ending on January 25. It is recognized as the biggest social activity of the year and takes place in Palmares, Alajuela.

This Fiesta is the greatest representation of the Costa Rican culture and traditions.

The social festivity begins with the “Tope” (horse parade), where only the best of the Costa Rican equestrian community is invited to show their horses and their training results. This activity is suited for families and kids of all ages. It is a tradition to dedicate the Tope to a person, recognizing his/her amazing achievements during the past year, this year this honor belongs to the President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias.

Immediately after the tope ends the official “Palmares Association” inaugurates the celebration and other activities such as: tropical carnivals, “ranchero” festival, kid’s festival, bullfighting, concerns and sport activities. Palmares is definitely a great place to make a quick stop during your vacations, regardless you are traveling with your family, couple or friends. However the Palmares night life is not recommended for kids as bars and music take over the place.



The security during Palmares Fiestas is top-notch; hundreds of police officers are in charge of covering every aspect of your security, just in case someone is having too much fun (if you know what I mean). Paramedics are also ready to help visitors at any time, you can find them spread throughout the ferial ground; other basic services bathrooms, spring water, cell phone coverage, internet access, are also offered.

In order to enjoy Pamares Fiestas at its best you should wear comfortable clothes and try not to carry unnecessary things. Don’t forget a jacket because temperature at night can turn a little cold.

Every year the Palmares Association sends invitations to International Artist to perform at the Fiestas, this year Victor Manuel, Lucero and Los Autenticos Decadentes performed their music at the fair ground.

The Palmares official slogan is:

“Palmares un pueblo para hacer amigos”  “Palmares a town to make friends”

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