At low tide, an incredible world of tide pools uncover. Santa Teresa claims the most amazing just steps to the right of the Red Palm Villas while Mal Pais boasts the most due to a rocky shoreline.

Where to go?

For the Mal Pais pools, you can find these amazing natural wonders close to a surf spot called “Punta Barigona”.   The point is a huge rock in the water, and there are surf spots on both sides of it, one side is Mar Azul and the other side is Bahia Barigona. In front of this giant rock are an amazing set of tide pools. When you go to the tidepools, bring a camera, snorkel gear, and pack some refreshments and snacks, it’s an awesome way to spend a day.


In Santa Teresa, to the right of Red Palm Villas, in front of Flor Blanca Resort you will find a rocky beach full of tide pools for exploring.  Kids and adults alike spend hours discovering all the different pools, some are warm like a hot tub and others refreshing like a small dipping pool.  If you go further north up the beach, about 1/2 a mile, there is one tide pool,  actually larger then an Olympic size swimming pool with depths of 3-6 feet.  Once you discover these pools of nature, swimming in a normal swimming pool will never be the same.


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