Suecos Beach (Swedish beach), was given this name by locals because many years ago there used to live a Swedish family there.  Also known as “the secret beach” is one of the truly hidden treasure in the area.

Located at the end of Mal Pais, next to the epic Sunset Reef surf spot. This special cove is just on the other side of a towering rocky knoll, this beautiful white sand beach is maybe best snorkeling on the area and very good for swimming. When snorkeling it’s common to see larger fish, anything from black tipped reef shark for example or Red Snappers, and maybe even some sea turtles.  Since this beach is at the far end of Mal Pais road, it’s often deserted and makes for a quiet relaxing day of sun bathing, swimming and snorkeling.

To get there you need to head past the Fisherman’s beach at the very southern end of Mal Pais and just keep going off to the left. You will find a gate with signs, this is the back entrance of Cabo Blanco Reserve, for the park there is actually a public entrance in Cabuya.

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