Santa Teresa area has many attractions to enjoy, some of them are secrets spots that only locals could know.

Beautiful coves hiding secret protected beaches, amazing snorkeling spots, natural tide pools, breathtaking waterfalls, there is easily a weeks worth of sights to see Santa Teresa. The exploring is endless, you’ll find

pristine white sand beaches, abundant flora, wildlife and historical landmarks. Most of this area remains natural and untouched, and as you will see, Santa Teresa is the perfect holiday destination for everyone…so perfect, you will never want your holiday to end!

Whether you take the Canopy Zip Line and soar high above the jungle floor with the Howler Monkeys, or find a secret beach for a picnic and maybe some snorkeling, or head down to the open market on Saturday where you’ll meet the locals as they come to purchase their fresh organic fruits, vegetables and just hang out playing music and selling crafts, we’re sure you’ll find yourself daydreaming and wondering how you could make this your life, it’s OK, almost everyone does and actually every now and then someone actually makes it happen.

Many excellent dining choices, celebrity chefs caring for their celebrity clients, eclectic shopping, dancing until dawn on the beach with the locals to a Latin rhythm, it’s definitely a town of Pura Vida!

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Curú National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda

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Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

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Giant Banyan Tree

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Mal Pais Tide Pools

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Los Suecos Beach

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Canopy Zip-Line Tours

Price: $45 per person
Location: You have two options to do zip line, one is just about 15 min from...
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Santa Teresa Organic Market

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Suck Rock Point Break

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Montezuma Waterfalls

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