Beautiful Beach translated into English, as its name implies this is a perfect tropical beach, wide and sandy with swaying palm trees and almendros. One of the best beaches for swimming in the area, and perfect for a relaxing and laid back day playing with the kids in the sun.

It’s also an excellent beginner surf beach, with a wide beach break. At low tide the oceans recedes several hundred yards, the beach area gets really big and at high tide, the beach almost disappears and the surf tends to close out. The best surf time is medium tide.

Other then a few small boutique hotels, 1-2 with restaurants, Hermosa Beach is about 3 miles from Santa Teresa town, 6 from Mal Pais, and has no downtown of it’s own. This uncrowded beach is an awesome spot to sunbathe, read, or jog. The palm and almendro trees lining the beach provide some shade. Our advice to spend a quiet day, take some supplies, a good read and head to a lovely spot and enjoy!

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