The Red Palm Villas sits right in the middle of about 15 miles of continuous Pacific Beach Coastline. Go left and head towards Santa Teresa Central, then Playa Carmen, and eventually Mal Pais. Go right, a total different vibe, more and more remote starting with Playa Hermosa and eventually Manzanillo Beach.

Low tide is the best time for walking or jogging the connecting beaches.

It’s a perfect walk for early in the morning or at sunset. Bring a bag, there’s always something along the way to bring home, anything from a beautiful piece of drift plastic to a wayward piece of trash or debris.

Santa Teresa has won the Blue Flag Award for many years, this is a validation of being a clean and environmentally conscious beach. We ask instead of taking beautiful shells home, to leave those there for the next visitor to enjoy and instead, look for a piece of trash you can bring back to our resort where we are more then happy to dispose of it for you.

We’re passionate about our beautiful beaches and hope you will be too!  Help us keep Santa Teresa a beach you will want to bring your friends and family back to for the rest of your life.

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