More than anything Costa Ricans love to dance. Whether it’s salsa, meringue, cumbia, reggae, or reggaeton, the dance floor will be filled with pulsating bodies by the time the clock strikes 11. It’s a beautiful thing to watch as the women expertly sway their hips while their partners turn them in dizzying circles. Communicating only with their eyes and body language, they’ll spin out into a deliriously complicated sequence of steps, never missing a beat. Yes, Ticos and Ticas may not be especially known for their visual art or their culinary prowess, but they do certainly know how to dance.

Of course, watching the action is only half the fun. A Costa Rica Vacation just simply wouldn’t be complete without stepping out on the dance floor with your partner at least once. Don’t be intimidated by the swirling couples around you. The Costa Ricans may be good, but they aren’t snobs. As long as you give in to the music and sway your hips with the best of them (guys, this includes you too), your effort will be appreciated and you’ll have a great time.

There are few things in life that are sexier than swaying, twisting, and turning to the sultry sounds of a salsa beat while the stars glitter overhead and the salty sweet ocean air cools the sweat from your brow. The crush of spinning couples around you simply adds to the exhilaration as you stare into the eyes of your newly betrothed and move to the music as one. This is what a Costa Rica Vacation or honeymoon is all about.


Learning to Dance on Your Costa Rica Vacation

Like anything, the best way to start dancing like a Tico and Tica is to take some lessons. You don’t need many, just a little bit of instruction to give you the basic steps. Perhaps add a few salsa lessons to your pre-wedding dance class schedule.

Salsa is the best place to start, and then add meringue to your repertoire. If you really want to go all out, learn the basic Cumbia steps. Cumbia isn’t as popular at the clubs as salsa and meringue, but it’s a fun dance full of little hops that will get the blood flowing for sure.


No time for lessons at home? Inquire at the hotel’s front desk about local dance classes. If there aren’t any formal places to take lessons, maybe someone at the hotel could show you a few steps.

If all else fails, of course, just watch and learn. Observe the best dancers on the floor and then try to replicate what they do with your partner. You can also mix it up. Dance a few songs with local  partners and then come back and practice what you learned together. This can also be a fun, great way to meet other couples.

Places to Go Dancing in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Dancing at the beach is romantic, but dancing on a dance floor surrounded by the pristine coastal beauty of Santa Teresa will blow your mind. La Lora’s dance floor is inside, which means that the party continues on both day and night. Saturdays are devoted to Latin dance, but you can sway to reggae and hip hop beats on Thursdays. Tuesdays are reserved for electronic music. The Artemis Café in nearby Mal Pais is a laidback coffee bar during the day, but becomes a favorite venue for local DJs and bands that can turn the place into a crazy dance party at night. The D&N Club may not be the place to practice your salsa steps, but it is the place to be during the full moon, and offers up techno and reggae throughout the week.

So put on your Costa Rica dancing shoes and experience the rhythm of the beat. Pretty soon you’ll be dancing like a Tica and Tico.

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