Another rare attraction of Cabuya is the small cemetery island (Isla de Cabuya), located a hundred meters off the coast. In pre-Columbian times the Indians used the island as a burial ground and until today funerals are held here. When funerals are held there at night, the participants will sometimes walk to the island holding candles and lights, creating an eerie sight as seen from the hills above Cabuya and Montezuma, because it looks like lights are walking across the water.

When is low tide it is possible to walk over to the island where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with amazing views of the Cabo Blanco Reserve.

The reef on the extreme tip of the Cabuya Island is one of the best and magical spots in the area; great for snorkeling session. Even without snorkeling equipment, you would be able to see colorful fishes swimming in the rocky tide pools.

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