Until 2010, it was Costa Rica’s most active volcano. When visiting Arenal you can enjoy its bountiful sights, sounds and activities. Hike and horseback rides, walks along hanging bridges, canopy tours or waterfall rappelling, mountain bike rides or rafting trips are some of the activities you can find here, one of the country’s most scenic and accessible areas.

Near Arenal volcano you can find La Fortuna, this town’s history is intimately connected with the Arenal Volcano. On the morning of July 29th, 1968, the volcano violently erupted and spewed ash, rocks and gas for 3 consecutive days. As the smoke cleared, the villages of Tabacon, Pueblo Nuevo, and San Luis were found buried under the debris, unfortunately 87 people died in that event. Out of this tragedy, La Fortuna (The Fortune) was born as the central town in the Arenal Volcano area.

This town offers Hotels of high quality to the visitors, restaurants and it’s beautiful natural attractiveness such as the Arenal Volcano, the Arenal lake, La Fortuna Waterfall, among others tours.

La Fortuna Waterfalls

At the base of the Arenal Volcano sits the Arenal Lake, one of the best attractions of the area. From World Class Kite Surfing Jan-Mart every year to just a tranquil day kayaking , sailing, rowing or swimming.

Arenal Lake was enlarged to three times its original size in 1979 with the construction of a hydroelectric dam. The towns of Arenal and Tondadora, which were originally sited on the spot where the lake now rests, were relocated to the northeastern side of the lake. Nowadays, this lake’s dam is hugely important to the country, as it produces nearly 12% of Costa Rica’s electric energy.

Arenal Lake

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